Top-Notch Children's Haircuts at
The Laser Lounge Spa and Salon Sarasota

At The Laser Lounge Spa and Salon Sarasota, your little ones will receive star treatment! Our team of hair experts specializes in crafting haircuts that are as fun and memorable as they are stylish. You can feel confident entrusting your mini-me's locks to our team. From wizard to rockstar - we do it all! With our commitment to excellence, great hair days are inevitable. Don't wait - visit our family-friendly salon in Sarasota, Florida and let us pamper your kiddos today!

Our seasoned team knows a thing or two about taming even the wildest of manes! They're experts in catering to our youngest clients' unique needs, with a gentle touch that's sure to keep those nervous jitters at bay. So come on in, parents! Sit back, relax and watch the magic unfold as we transform those tangles into terrific tresses! ✂️👌

Your Kiddos stylist team

Let's talk about the stylists that offer children's haircuts. We have the wonderful Kristi Koepp, our Donato Stylist and Color Specialist. She is exceptionally skilled in children's haircuts and makes the process engaging and fun for your little ones. With her warm and friendly approach, children are sure to feel comfortable and enjoy their experience. Lori Weaver, our Master Stylist, also offers children's haircuts as part of her service repertoire. With her knack for working with children, she ensures a smooth and hassle-free haircut for our youngest guests. Her exceptional skill set and friendly demeanor help to create a positive haircut experience for children.


Bring your little one to The Laser Lounge Spa and Salon Sarasota for a haircut that's a cut above the rest! We spoil them with comfort, fun, and, of course, a stylish new look. Because when our mini VIPs leave happy, we're happier too! 😎✂️

Now, let's address some of the most frequently asked questions about children's haircuts in Sarasota, Florida.

Your child’s first haircut: a right of passage. But when do you decide it’s time? When their locks start to overshadow their cute little faces, of course! 😉 At our salon, we’re always ready to make this special moment truly unforgettable. 😎✂️

Timing a haircut is like a recipe – depends on the ingredients, is an art, not a science, and should never be taken too seriously! 😁 That said, every 3-6 weeks is a common interval to keep those locks looking luscious!✂️💇‍♀️

Want to avoid a haircut meltdown with your little one? Prep them with a “what to expect” video and pep talk, then let our expert stylists work their magic! We’ll have your kiddo looking sharp and feeling like a champ. 🤵💇‍♂️

Absolutely! We love it when parents stick around during the haircut. Not only does it ease the kiddo’s worry, but you might even learn some new styling tips! 😉

The Laser Lounge Spa And Salon

We are dedicated to ensuring your little ones' happiness by providing them with a delightful haircutting experience that they will never forget. Our highly-skilled professionals are trained to make the hairdressing process fun, engaging, and stress-free for both you and your kids.

Your Kiddos are not just a customer, they are family.

With a focus on comfort and safety, we use specialized equipment and gentle techniques to cater to the unique needs of children. We believe that hair cutting should be more than just a chore, it should be an enjoyable bonding experience for families. So why not come and visit us today and discover what makes The Laser Lounge Spa and Salon Sarasota the premier destination for your child's hair care needs? We're conveniently located at 1345 2nd St, Sarasota, FL 34236!